Life Lesson

I find that I learn some of the most profound life lessons when I am at work. So I was at work the other day, and I took a quick break to write down some more items on my To-Do List.

You see, I am one of those people. I am a list person. I have a To-Do list that is constantly updated containing Long Term and Short Term things To Do. Needless to say my life is contained on my list.

And if you are a list person, and you are reading this then what I am about to say will probably resonate with you: There are few things more satisfying than a completed To Do list.

Anyway, back to work. So I was at work and I got to thinking about life as it pertains to my To Do list. I have a lot of goals and things I want to do with my life. But as I mentioned in my previous blog, Time, you only have so much time and how you choose to spend your time defines who you are as a person.

And then it hit me-
Life is more than a completed To Do list.

Life is so much more.

Consider this- Lets say you have a “Bucket List” which is pretty much a glorified To Do list. And you spend your whole life completing things on your list. Do you really think this will lead to a fulfilled life? Consider the minimal amount of time you would spend completing the events on your list. Consider the large amount of time you would spend doing the menial tasks of life, the little things.
I find that the truly special experiences in my life are unplanned and spontaneous. Additionally, I find that special times occur because of special people. I have said this once and I will say it again: People matter most.. Always.

And that is the key. The life lesson is that our focus should be on people, not on our To Do list.

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