Consider this scenario: You are given $10,000 a week to spend however you like. The only caveat is that you cannot save it. You MUST spend the $10,000 a week or it vanishes at the end of the week.

What would you do? Would you travel? Would you spend it on family? Would you give it away?

Next question: What is the most precious resource we have on this planet?

I imagine your mind is racing so let me guide it for a moment. Think about this question in the context of your relationships.

At this point you have probably determined where I am going with this (or you noticed the title).
Additionally, if you have experienced the loss of the loved one then I am certain that you know what I am talking about.

You see, the scenario and the question both relate to time.

1 week consists of 7 days at 24 hours per day with 60 minutes in an hour. Quick calculation shows you that 7 x 24 x 60 = 10,080

10,080 minutes in a week. (I used 10,000 in the scenario just to keep it simple)

In a week we have over 10,000 minutes and we must choose how to use them.
This becomes compounded by the fact that nearly 3,000 of those will be spent sleeping. (7 hours each night)

Here is the point I am trying to make- How you spend your time determines your priorities. It determines who you are. It determines who you become. It determines the quality of your relationships.

Time can never be replaced. It is more precious than any gift you can give someone. To give someone your time means that you are giving them something that you can NEVER take back. And that principle applies to both good and bad things.

Consider the phrases “Spending time” and “Wasting time”- The both describe exactly what you are doing!

You are either spending your time in a worthy pursuit, or wasting your time on something worthless.

The clock is ticking.

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