Today is Valentine’s Day.
The day that is supposed to represent love. In many relationships, this day is very special. But I would argue that this is the exception, not the rule. Valentine’s Day, in so many ways, represents cheap love. A love lacking depth. A love lacking commitment. A love lacking substance.
In reality, it represents something that is not truly love.

I mean, think about it- Valentine’s Day is full of roses, chocolate, jewelry, dinner, etc. And that is love? Really?
If someone does all of those things on this one day, then they truly love you?

You’ve got to be kidding me.

And people wonder why their relationships fail over and over again, why divorce rates are so high, why they get hurt so often, etc.
We toss the word Love around like its a toy. When in reality it has tremendous power and meaning.

By this point, you are probably thinking- “Wow, this guy is really critical. If he is so smart, then why doesn’t he offer a definition of Love.”

Well, here you go. This is my working definition of Love-

Love is an act of the will accompanied by emotion that leads to action on behalf of its object.
Credit Voddie Baucham
Take a moment and consider that definition. Do you honestly believe that Valentine’s Day captures the meaning of Love? I dont think so. 
Now, what conclusions can we draw out of this definition? 
Here are a few of mine- 
  1. Love is active
  2. Love is a choice
  3. Love includes emotion, but is not completely emotion
  4. Love is sacrifice
  5. Love has a focal point

As a Christian, I believe that the perfect example of Love is found on the Cross.

Moving forward, I urge you to evaluate your definition of love.

– B