Do Not Be Deceived- Part 3- Women

 Much like my previous post on Men, I am seeking to answer the question- “What does the world say a woman is?”

What are the attributes that define a woman? What are some things that all women should strive to be? What is their role in society? Etc etc.

I do not claim to be an expert on women, but this post is more about analyzing what the world says, not what I say.

So here we go- What does the world say a woman is?

The primary sources for this particular post will be and

I feel that these are both adequate sources for what I am trying to do.  The following list is by no means exhaustive, but it does capture the observations that I made by viewing the aforementioned sources-

  1. Beauty– Beauty is an important topic for women. Beauty is a feminine trait. Beautiful women are admirable and most desirable. Beauty is predominantly based on outward appearance.
  2. Fashion– Fashion is also important. It is tied to Beauty. They are topics that are dependent on each other. Fashion is a key component in popularity and value. It is an expression of status.
  3. Independence– An independent woman is attractive. Women should be self sufficient but also exude an attitude of independence. Anything that would inhibit independence is looked down on.
  4. Sexual Prowess– Sexual prowess is something every woman should strive for. Sex is a common activity in relationships.
  5. Fitness/Health– Women should be fit. Losing weight is a common theme and staying thin is important. Fitness and health are tied to Beauty of course.

That is all for now. Moving on to Part 4-Truth.

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