Our Day In the Sun

I wrote this over a year ago. In fact, I wrote it on February 23, 2010. It is written to my Mom, and I felt it was fitting to unveil it on this day, my parents 30th Wedding Anniversary.

Our Day in the Sun

As the storm rolls in
and the sky turns gray
my thoughts often wander
back to the day
The day i first met you
you will never forget
at that moment our love was set
I was your second
and you were my only
Some things have changed
Like the way you hold me
I once sat in the palm of your hand
Now, look mom,  your little boy is a man.

The storm has come
The rain begins to fall
Can you hear me?
Once again i feel small
Beaten, battered and bruised
Hear your little boy’s call
Where do i go mom?
What do i do?

My son my son
Your mother is here
I am in a better place
No pain and no fear

Don’t be afraid
For i am watching over you
Since the beginning
My blood has flowed through you
I remember that day,
how could i forget?
Our first day in the sun
my love for you was set

Time to stand up son
Time to go
Take care of your father
He loves you more than you know

As parents we do as best as we can
we are so proud of you
Our little boy is a man
This storm will soon pass
And i will see you again
This much we know,
I will see you with Him.

I love you my son
One last thing
and then i am done
I am anxiously awaiting
Our day in the Sun.

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